Aero Testing

At Vanelli we were very keen to see not only how fast our kit was but how it compared to several of our arguably more illustrious and more expensive competitors.

 With assistance from Pro rider and Tour Series event winner Ollie Peckover, the team at Vanelli desended upon the Silverstone Engineering Hub Wind Tunnel facility armed with our latest array of custom race clothing.

 After extensive Wind Tunnel testing of our Skinsuits, Speedsuits and Racesuits plus the control tests against some of our competitors leading products we keenly anticipated the results.

 What the results showed was that only do we have some fast products in their own right but our Aeroline Speedsuit and Evoline Skinsuit were faster than all the other control tests.  We can now proudly boast some of the fastest items of race kit on the market.  It also proves that top end aero race clothing needn’t cost a small fortune…

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CdA values of our 2 skinsuits against 2 well-known and popular speed suits

Not only saves watts, but saved £££’s