About Vanelli

Vanelli cycle clothing has been born out of the desire for high quality, stylish & technical apparel at an affordable price.  
All of our products are designed in-house in Leicestershire, England, then manufactured in Europe using the finest quality Italian fabrics.
Every member of our team comes from a cycling background. From the days of the Sunday Club run, early season Audax and reliability trials to road racing, time trialling, cyclo cross and sportives.
Above all else we just love cycling....

The Team


 An aero tubed Motobecane,  a pair of cut down tracksuit bottoms and a size too big 1987 Lotto jersey, 
Watching Millar, Lemond and Le Blaireau on TV, in awe,
Heading out into the North Wales hills with a cheese sandwich and maybe a Mars Bar, 
As a boy riding the Wild Wales Challenge and wishing every year since I could ride it again,
Biking to a Snowdonia Youth Hostel with not much, then riding home again,
The Sunday club run, listening to the older men talk sense, and nonsense,
 These are my fondest memories of cycling and the reasons why I still cycle now. They come before the racing, the time trials, the wins , the losses, the coaching and the gels. The simplicity of just riding the bike and having an adventure. Long or short, wet or hot., it didn't matter then and it still doesn't matter now.


 Riding a bike for 30+ years. From the early days on a Peugeot 12 speed road bike, racing through the lanes of Cheshire pretending to be Greg Lemond, through to today, a rider who now realises he is not quite at the same level as Lemond, but just loves getting on a bike, whether its a time trial, cyclocross race, road race or just pottering around the beautiful lanes of Leicestershire. 


 Despite riding for 10+ plus years Im still very much the junior of the Vanelli team,  From starting in Go Ride events at the local park to a member of the Welland Valley CC winning team in the Junior National 10 mile time trial championships I still love the buzz of every aspect of racing.
 With exams firmly out of the way i can concentrate of becoming the next Mark Cavandish.


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